EDEKA Berndt Hamburg

EDEKA Berndt in Hamburg relies on know-how from AHT

The EDEKA branch in Hamburg, which belongs to EDEKA Nord, underwent a change of operator in the current year. With Christian Berndt, a dedicated operator has been won, who has extensively modernized the existing market. The Semi Plug-in (SPI) product portfolio offered by AHT Germany fit perfectly into the new market concept. Wall-mounted cooling shelves were installed, which transfer their waste heat via the waterloop system to a split waste heat unit in the outdoor area (parking space).

In addition, the refrigeration supply of the mopro and meat refrigeration room was realized via units that are integrated into the SPI circuit and thus also release the waste heat to the outside area.

Due to the external positioning of the waste heat unit, no separate refrigeration room was required.
The operator Mr. Berndt also equipment the market with high refrigerators and deep freezers. This guarantees optimal utilization of space in the market.

_Year of Installation


_Installed System

_ MONTREAL XL und SLIM _ Active Monitoring System _ Cold room aggregates
_Mopro and meat SPI Waterloop pump station with plate heat exchanger (heat recovery)
_ Waterloop recooler with horizontal air flow

_Project requirements

Replacement of the existing plant (MT/LT cascade network) with F-gases.

One-Stop-Solution by AHT

Coverage of the entire product cooling and freezing as well as the cold rooms in a composite system with heat recovery

Green refrigerant

The decision to equip the market with appliances from the AHT portfolio was made with the focus on operational safety and the energy-saving concept with “green refrigerant. ” In addition, the concept was convincing due to the lower installation and maintenance costs compared to a complex CO2 refrigeration system.

AHT Germany and EDEKA North have had very good business relations for years, so a further collaboration was obvious. The fully equipped market with refrigerators and freezers of the latest generation, has been implemented to the customer’s complete satisfaction and has once again proved AHT Germany’s competence. As a result, almost all AHT-SPI and FPI modules could be installed in this reference market in the most central location.

“We are very satisfied with the new devices from AHT and the fast and professional implementation by AHT Germany”, said Christian Berndt, operator of the EDEKA market.